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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 3, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we, the taxpayers, are always the ones on the hook for the tab. have a great weekend, everybody. two years after it first showed up in the middle east, the potentially fatal mers virus shows up in the u.s. they're confirms a case in indiana. just how big of a risk does this pose? deadly clashes in ukraine continue as fears grow that that nation is now on the brink of civil war. this was one ukraine official saying quote, we are not stopping as the country pushes its offenses in the east against prorussian militants and as the chaos spreads south, abducteded international military observers are now set free. we'll bring you the latest in a live report.
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and john boehner takes a controversial step. declaring he will create a special committee to uncover the truth about the assault and the white house's fault. we'll have a live report, plus we'll hear from scott dejarls from the white house oversight committee. all that and former president george w. bush gets into gear for our nation's wounded warr r warrio warriors. but first, let's begin with the breaking news out of ukraine. at least 42 now killed in violence between pro government supporters and violence. it comes alongside one positive development. a group of observers are now free after being held captive for more than a week by pro russian militants in eastern
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ukraine. >> that is the only bit of good n news, the release of these military observers. it came about 24 hours after a negotiator from moscow showed up here on the scene. it does led credence to the thought that moscow is the puppeteer here in this insurgency that many will tell you is now putting ukraine on the brink of a civil war. not only the clashes, but the violence is spreading south and west from eastern ukraine to the key port city of odessa. take a look at the pictures from yesterday. running street battles between the pro ukrainian sporters that ended up with 30 plus people dead when fire was set to one of the key prorussian buildings that they had taken up arms in. what we have heard from the ukrainians is they have reason to believe they say that there was russian intelligence services or russian special forces behind that violence in odessa. certainly, the charges they have
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been leveling for many weeks now about what is happening in the east, including in the separatist stronghold where the pro russian separatists still have a very firm hold on that city despite a 24 hours old ukrai ukraine military offensive. they were able to move in and take a tv station in a nearby town. also, one government building that the separatists had occupied, but still, that main stronghold, the pro russian separatists still have a very stronghold on. it's important to look at this in the bigger picture of the geo political chess game going on involving moscow. they are calling this latest action by the ukrainian military quote unquote, a crime, and say they are getting thousands of calls from russian speakers and russian, those of russian orgin here in eastern ukraine, demanding help and protection from the russian government. no way to verify those claims,
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obviously, the fear among the west and certainly a lot of folks in ukraine, is that that answer for russia could come in the form of those 40,000 russian troops that have been on the ukrainian russian border going through military drills that president putin would finally give them the order to invade ukraine here. there's been talk of sending them in as peace keepers, also simply as an invasion force. >> thank you so much for that update. as the tensions continue. now, back in this country, and a story that has the white house playing defense this week with news that john boehner is appointing a special committeeg attack. this coming on the same day when darrell issa issued a subpoena to john kerry. we have more on what that may mean as this investigation gains
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new momentum. >> with john boehner announcing a special committee to investigate and a key panel -- john kerry to testify, the benghazi investigation is gaining steam. top republicans say those e-mails should have been released to congress months ago and boehner indicated that changed his mind about forming this committee. one republican said the fact these documents only came to light this week and not through the regular committee document request to the white house is deeply troublesome. >> the predicated line of thinking that was politically protecting the president and the state department instead of coming up with the facts about what is happening with benghazi. you have to remember, too, tucker, that the president is involved in this. he's talking about this video at the united nations. this is a smoking gun that's locked and loaded. >> by and large, the american public appears to agree with that assessment.
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a fox news poll shows that by a margin of 61 to 26%, voters believe the quhous is trying to cover up what happened in benghazi, rather than being open and transparent. those views are mostly unchangeded since last year. meanwhile, darrell issa is moving to request more testimony from john kerry on may 21st on whether there may be more documents that have not been turned over. >> i am confident that what the republicans allege, there there was some attempt by this administration to cover up or spin what happened is 100% false. >> there is risk in the gop strategy. their attempt could be toward. just this week, form general
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robert love testified he wish the state department would have down more. listen. >> in your opinion, what was the hold up? you testified earlier that the cia knew, the military knew. the state department knew. that this was a terrorist attack, yet somebody was holding this process back. who was it? >> i wish i knew, sir, from my perspective. it appears that state department was the conduit for the ask. >> and he joins us now. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. i know that there was some compelling testimony this week from that hearing. i'd like to know from you, what was the biggest take away from this hearing and do you think the new committee will be able to dig deep and get answers to questions like why the white house continues to say that the benghazi attacks were a response to a video and not a coordinated attack against our consulate? >> yeah, i think that they will have that opportunity.
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it was clear that documents were withheld and very important documents. i think it's almost 100% certain that the white house misled the american people before an election and you heard the general say the state department was a conduit for action. we had americans bleeding, waiting for help that never came and the general testified that he thinks he doesn't know whether or not we could have saved them, but the bottom line is that we should have tried. >> do you believe that the document revealed this week from david rose is really a smoking gun that shows political operatives working to create a political narrative that was at odds with the fact? >> well, there's no question within hours, they all knew this was a terrorist attack, but for some reason, they decided to move forward with this story about the youtube video and i don't think anything is really new right now, other than republicans arguing with
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republicans about how right they are. this is their story. they're sticking with it and they want to move forward. with this facade, if you will. what we need to do is get justice for the families of those who lost lives in benghazi and we need to get to the truth because this is a broader issue for america. this is like the irs targeting the conservatives who affect the outcome of the election. now, we have a situation where american lives are put at risk by a president more worried about saving his image than saving those americans in trouble. >> i want to ask you why we still haven't heard from those unnamed other witnesses who were at the tom pound during the attack. they have remained silent and the state department has not been forthcoming with a lot of information about that. do you hope that the committee is going to come forward with what happened? >> i think a lot of people want to come forward and talk. when gregory hicks came forward, it was a very difficult thing for him to do.
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the general, you could tell by the emotion on his face and his testimony, he doesn't want this to happen to other brave men and women. we're taught in the military to run towards danger, run towards the sound of a gun, but in this case, the white house and state department were keeping this from happening. it's unacceptable, sickening, really, that they would do this for political reasons. way it stands now, several different committees have been working on this and clearly, there's more evidence out there that was not turned over to it. for some reason, this administration has forgotten about the three branches of government, so we need to restore faith in the american people. they need a reason to trust in their government and for some reason, this administration that claimed to be the most transparent is probably the most
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s secretive. moving forward, this is unacceptable behavior. this is why it's so important that we get to the bottom of it. >> congressman, thanks so much for joining us with your insight and we'll keep posted with what develops. thank you. >> thank you. and now, we want to hear from you about these latest developments on benghazi. do you think a house select committee will be more effective than congress' effort so far to determine if the white house was involved in a cover up? tweet me your answers. and i will read some of those a little later on in this show. well, tonight, we invite you to join fox news for a special program that takes a closer look at these latest developments. benghazi, white house cover up revealed. special reports will take a look at the administration about who knew what and when they knew it and how the white house story is
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beginning to unravel. that's coming up tonight, 10:00 p.m. earn and will air again tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. now, to a big developing story that has many in the medical community concerneded about that mysterious middle east virus now making its way to the united states. the centers for disease control say the first confirmed case of mers or middle east respiratory syndrome, has now be found in indiana. nearly a quarter of people who have been diagnosed with this virus have died. at the moment, there is no vaccine or cure. welcome, doctor. great to have you here today. >> thank you. >> let's talk for a moment about how serious this threat is. i know that people have been watching this for some time and wondering whether it was going to reach the united states. it has. how concerned should we be at this point? >> i don't think we should be terribly concerned. it was inevitable that a case
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would appear in the united states. this is a global environment. with travel, the case in question was a man invariably reported as a health care worker who flew from saudi arabia and to london, then to chicago and then took a bus to munster, indiana. four days later, he appeared in the emergency room, admitted to the hospital, put under isolation because the diagnosis was made rapidly. very alert clinicians, knowing the rat the cdc has put out with regard to people coming from the middle east with fever and respiratory illness. and as i understand, at least according to the news reports, the patient is stable condition.
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the fact that it was recognized quickly, at least at the hospital, means that presumably was controlled and we won't have the problem that has occurred in the middle east of health care, other health care workers caring for the patient becoming ill. of course, i'm sorry. >> i was going to say that what has raised concerns though is the fact that of those that contracted this virus in the middle east, 30% of those folks have died. >> yes. the number keeps changing, but it was in the range that's currently being reported. most of the patients with the disease in the middle east have been, have had underlying diseases such as chronic kidney disease or diabetes and the like. and it is a serious illness, there's no doubt about that, if you get it. the potential for spread seems at this point to be low. which doesn't mean that it
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couldn't change. because if the virus mu tats to adapt to a greater extent to human beings, then it could spread dramatically. >> now, as i understand it, the cdc says the virus likely came from an animal like a camel and that it was spread that way, but it doesn't spread human to human contact you know, just at random, but the people that have been affected have been in situations where they were having family members living together. oh, i have to apologize to our viewers, we have lost our sig l signal. i apologize to the doctor on that. he was bringing us the concerns on the mers virus, there is one diagnosed case here in the united states and it is a serious virus, but one they're keeping close watch on. moving along now. it's hard to get a precise
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number, but anywhere from a few hundred to 2,000 people are dead or missing after multiple landslides in northeast afghanistan. the united nations puts the number of of dead up to at least 350 people, however, governors say it's much higher claiming as many as 2,000 people remain missing. rescuers rush to help those trapped victims. the second landslide hit burying many of those rescuers as well. the afghan government has not asked for assistance from nato or the united states yet. a u.n. spokesman says a memorial service will be held later today and the sight will be declared a mass grave. still ahead, ever since the attack on the american consulate in benghazi in 2012, former navy s.e.a.l. scott taylor has been pushing for answers. does he finally believe he's going to get some of those answers? and former secretary of state
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condoleezza rice making a decision about giving the commencement speech at rutgers university. we're going to tell you what she's saying now in light of protest. and another whistleblower describes what she calls an environment of intimidation at a va hospital in phoenix. a live report coming your way, next. >> any corruption within the department of the va system will have a direct effect on patient care, but because our mission is to provide health care services for the veterans. when jake and i first set out on our own,
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i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. we have an update on the va hospital in phoenix over the way it's treated patients there. three officials have been placed on leave amid allegations of secret waiting lists and claims that dozens of veterans dieded waiting for care. >> you're right, those three officials including the head of the facility at the phoenix veterans affairs center are temporarily out of a job as investigators worked to see if veterans died while waiting for
9:22 am
care. they have been placed on leave. accusations are an accurate list shows up to 1600 sick former military had been waiting for months to see a physician. dr. sam foot, the first whistleblower to come forward about the alleged secret paper list, said the hospital is understaffed and underfunded. his testimony is similar to that of dr. catherine mitchell. she describes an environment of intimidation against anyone who challenged hospital leadership, she said she's provided a list showing the hospital was using that secret list to hide long wait times. >> physician after physician that i'm aware of who have tried to speak up for patient safety care issues and have gotten retaliated against by having their proficiencies dropped. it's always better to work for change within the system.
9:23 am
>> some lawmakers have threated a subpoena. the phoenix facility, officials there, say they take these issues very seriously and they invite the office of inspector general to investigate. condoleezza rice will not be giving rutgers university's commentment speech at all, b bowing out as student protests angry about her role in iraq war. in a statement released today, saying rutgers invitation to me to speak has become a distraction for the university community at this special time. i am honored to have served my country. i have defended free speech and exchange of ideas. these values are essential, but that is not what is at issue here. earlier this week, a few dozen students protested the university's decision to have rice speak, saying she misled
9:24 am
the public at the iraq war. up next, donald sterling and the woman behind the racist audio recording speaks out for the first time since the scandal. find out what sterling says in his first interview and get this, it wasn't at apology. plus, as the investigation into the the benghazi attack keeps up, yet again, congressional committees are butting heads about who knew what on that deadly night. five separate house committees have been looking for answers. we're going to get reaction from represent trent frank, a member of the armed services committee. he's joining us, next, stay with us. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. legs, for crossing.
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welcome back. the bottom of the hour. a quick look at some of the stories making news right now. after being held for more than a week, seven international military observers and their assistants are now free.
9:29 am
set free by pro russian militants in eastern ukraine. this comes as the violence in that nation continues to spread. have killed more than 42 people in the normally calm southern city of odessa. it's now official. the first case of the mers virus has arrived in the u.s. a man in indiana became ill after flying from saudi arabia, where he was a health care worker. he is rosht reportedly in stable condition. the virus is not highly contagious and that the risk to the public is very low, even though the virus is quite serious. in just a few hours, the 140th running of the kentucky derby will be underway. california chrome expected to be the horse that will beat out among a field of 19 starters. the 3-year-old has six wins and a second place finish in ten starts. derby starts shortly.
9:30 am
and those are some of your top stories in the fox news flash. well, it's a story that just won't stop. the woman who recorded l.a. clippers owner donald sterling's racist comments is now speaking out publicly now saying the clipper's owner is not a racist. >> it certainly is a drama. what a week it's been for the woman on the tape that was leaked to the media last weekend. she starteded out the week trying to hide this behind a bizarre plastic -- and interview last night. she's gone on the record on barbara walters exclusive on 20/20 saying she doesn't believe sterling is actually racist. >> from a different generation and now i am, i think he was brought up to believe those things. >> what things?
9:31 am
>> segregation. whites and blacks. minorities from black jews to light jews. >> do you think he should apologize? >> absolutely. >> do you think he will? >> only god knows. >> he told her he had a problem with her appearing in photos on the internet with black people. she said sterling is confused, traumatized, tormented, very alone and not supported by those around him. and she's added there are hours more recordings, this suspect the first time they've had a conversation like this. appare apparently, no apology from sterling so far. we're not sure when that's coming. apparently, he is wheeling quite bad badly from the ban on him and also the fine. the league owners we understand are now being urged to actually kick him out and give up his ownership of the clippers,
9:32 am
that would take three quarters, or three fourth of the members in order to do that and we don't know the time whether there is a vote scheduled for that, but it is a drama that continues to unravel. >> thank you very much. a ript appears to be growing between multiple house committees tasks with investigating the benghazi attacks. house armed services chair is questioning the reliability of a witness who testified at that committee hearing earlier this week, defending his own committee's attempt to get to the bottom of the attack. the general has said that the u.s. military could an should have done more to help the americans killed at the consulate, but he says general robert leveille isn't privy to all of the information that was available to those on the chain of command. congressman frank is joining us
9:33 am
now. thank you for joining us today. let's talk for a moment about the comments. what do you make of his remarks about the committee and how effective do you think this new committee will be in the long-term? >> well, i think it's important to keep in mind that chairman mckean and issa have two different jobs. i don't think he was questioning his -- he was simply wondering if he was in the position to have all of the information. on the other hand, i think general leveille kind of represents a general consensus within some of the military ranks, especially in this case. that this administration, civilian command structure, ignores reality to the extent that sometimes, it put it is military in a very bewildering position. the real scandal in this entire situation is that number one, the personnel on the ground there in benghazi begged this administration for additional security support.
9:34 am
and they were ignored or refused. and secondarily, the president of the united states in this administration, blatantly lied to the american people about the genesis and whether or not to serve and protect. and they simply misled in the most fundamental ways, the american people. and i think that's the great scandal here is that this administration is willing to set aside the truth for the sake of its political viability and that's a tragedy. that is the opposite of statesman ship. >> when you talk about the security concerns, there are many people who wonder why in anticipation of the 9/11 anniversary, that why you wouldn't beef up security at american interests overseas, particularly at a time and region where terrorists are definitely out there ready to strike at u.s. interests.
9:35 am
>> well, that's really the great question that should be asked by all of the media. the fact is there's no kulpaablety in our military command structure here. they were ready, willing and capable to defend the compound there and would have been able to do so had they had the cooperation. that's the tragedy here. they talk about whether the response came in time. well, the fact is, the response should have come days and weeks before the attack occurred because this is when our people had begs so desperately for help and i just can't express to you and i sit on the armed services committee, have for 12 years, it's very bewildering to me that this administration seems so willing to set aside our national security and even the protection of american lives, for the sake of political expediency. it is a frustrate that begs my ability to articulate on
9:36 am
television. >> this week, we learned from an sbrer view that the president was not in the swaituation room when the attacks were happening at that moment, at that time, at least in his presence. what do you make of that? does that concern you that the president wasn't right on the scene in the hours after the attack? >> well, it does and it even goes beyond that. i think on the 6th of september, the president was going on the television and berating mr. romney for his dangerous or lack of foreign policy capability and then the following day, he was campaigning, the following day he was campaigning, the follow ing day he was campaigning and on the day of the event, he was not in the situation room this and then of course the next day, he was. yes, that concerns me greatly because the administration tries to put forth this notion that they're on top of everything and
9:37 am
i will tell you, if there's anything that's out of balance in washington, d.c., it is the competency ratio compared to the breathtaking arrogance ratio of this administration. they seem to be out of touch with reality. >> thank you so much for joining us. we are out of time, but it's good to check in with you. >> thank you. coming up, a team of former special ops and intelligence guys are part of the core of americans also demanding answers about benghazi. up next, we're going to ask a navy s.e.a.l. if he's heard enough and george bush putting in the miles this weekend. 60 of them in fact. he is riding for a great cause and dr. mark siegel is with him as well. we're going to have a live report coming your way in just a few moments. stay with us.
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welcome back, everybody. it's only the beginning, that's how a group of former s.e.a.l.s describes -- on some serious unanswered questions about the benghazi tragedy. scott taylor has been pushing hard for it ever since the
9:42 am
attack. great to have you here today. >> great to be with you. thank you for having me. >> i know that this is something you have waited for and do you think this new select committee has the muscle to really find the answers you and so many others are asking? >> well, let me first say that i'm proud of folks in my organization as well as congressman frank wolf who's led the effort in congress and then also literally thousands of americans who have helped us and pushed for this for almost two years now, so we're very happy and applaud speaker boehner for making the decision to form this committee. a good man and i know he's working hard on this as well, but the fact that we have five committees that are disjointed, we need to have one that really looks into everything and gets folks like hillary clinton, who is at the center of this thing before, during and after, so that she can answer questions and if not voluntarily, then a subpoena. we need to have one committee that looks at everything, that is lineded with professionals,
9:43 am
qualified members and the legal, military and intelligence worlds, so they can ask the questions we need so that we can hold folks accountable and find out the truth. >> among the questions remain, who briefed susan rice? we still don't know who did t t that, whether it was the white house or state department. you think this committee can get that answered? >> i absolutely do. i mean, let's put it this way. it is the responsibility of the obama administration that we now have this select committee that's being formed because of their actions, but more importantly, their inactions and not being forthcoming with information and documents and photos like they did on the bin laden raid. you saw all kinds of photos and documents and everything just spewing out of the white house, but nothing with this. it's been like pulling teeth, so i think when we have a cohesive, select committee, they'll be able to pull out the information with the threat of subpoena, with the threat of the law to make sure we get these answers.
9:44 am
we need to have things that are more than just talking points. we need to know where the president was that night, where hillary clinton was that night. why was there not even attempts by the military because the military we've heard testify, excuse me, we've heard testimony by senior levels in the military saying they were waiting for state to give them the go ahead. we've also had cabinet officials say they knew about the problems in benghazi. we need hillary clinton to explain that. >> you know, the question i was talking to franks about, we don't know why the government did nothing to prepare for any type of attack on the anniversary of 9/11, which is a day of course that one would automatically assume that you would have more security in this region, where a terrorist would like to strike american interests. >> absolutely. it is a fact we knew there were problems before, during and after and we need to have folks like secretary clinton come in and testify either under the threat of subpoena or voluntarily, so tell us why and
9:45 am
why things weren't done before, during and after. >> do you think though on a political note, that the emphasis on what's happening with benghazi, with the gop taking the charge, that this could end up backfiring on the gop in some ways because perhaps the spotlight will not go on other issues like immigration? >> uma, just like the president and the administration should not have worried about political ramification and they should have been answering the call and getting into the fight, i don't care about political problems. this is an american issue. you had brave men like ty and glenn who ran to the fight to save scores of americans that night. it is in their honor and the ambassador's honor that we should not care about politic. that we should be going to the fight. we should be finding the answers and make sure that something like this never happens again, so quite frankly, i don't care about political ramifications. this is the right thing to do. getting in the fight, saving
9:46 am
american lives under fire. that's what we do as americans. >> now, we cannot forget we have four people who were killed and they are heroes indeed and let's hope we get some real answers now. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. fox news coverage of the story has been and will continue to be relentless until we know exactly what happened in benghazi. we have a special, fox news is reporting on the incident. a close look at the administration's explanations about who knew what and when. it airs here on fox news at 10:00 p.m. eastern. 16 of our active duty wounded veterans are on a 100 kilometer bike ride through the texas hill country and joining them, one of our former presidents. we're going to tell you what this event is all about. coming up next, stay with us. [, it's what we do.
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♪ well, this weekend former president george w. bush is hosting his fourth annual warrior 100 k bike ride. it honors wounded military service members and their recovery. the first 30 miles on that ride kicking off on bush's ranch in
9:51 am
texas, with the president leading a group of 16 wounded active duty soldiers. let's go now to dr. mark segal who also took part in the race. thank you for joining us. >> hi, uma, the ride just finished, the fourth annual ride. 16 wounded warriors, veterans, most of them. they were chosen for their sacrifice and their resilience, and they showed it on the trail, i must say, over the past three days. they work extremely well with president bush and each other. they helped each other up when they fell down, back on the bike. very impressive. president bush spoke to me just a couple minutes ago at the conclusion of the ride. he talked to me about the global war on terror and the role that the military has played and now we have to honor our veterans. and how we preserve the freedom we deserve here. let's watch. >> it's important for people to realize that freedom is the way to peace. and by honoring these vets, we're honoring people who understand that.
9:52 am
and, you know, i hope freedom has advantage. >> reporter: uma, i have with me master sergeant chris de mars who back in 2011 after he was hit by a suicide bomber in afghanistan, was watching fox news, actually, and he saw our coverage of the first w 100 k bike ride with brett bear. and he was so inspired by that, he decided he wanted to ride. chris, tell me about your injury. what happened to you? >> a suicide bomber hit me and i got some head trauma, broke a bunch of bones in the face and broke my back, broke both my legs and had a lot of shrapnel. took about a year to recover from that. >> reporter: how does it feel to be on the bike? >> awesome. so glad to get back on the bicycle. >> reporter: what's it like with president bush? >> you can tele cares for the veterans. just like anybody else. he crashed right in front of us today. went down hard, got right back
9:53 am
up and was ready to roll again. >> reporter: chris, thanks for joining me. >> looks like you had an amazing ride and our thanks to chris for his service. he's a true hero, along with all the other riders there. and our thanks to president bush. have a great rest of the day there. >> chris, you're a hero. >> have a great day. she's no criminal, but a virginia based reporter got a shock when she found out the police knew exactly where her car had been for months, all because of technology that was being used to track her license plate and yours. >> what i found back from alexandra police department was actually pretty shocking. when i got my freedom of information back request back, it included 16 photos of my vehicle over roughly eight different instances. a couple of those were taken while my car was parked safely inside my apartment complex, so not necessarily what you would consider to be places where police would be looking. my car was also spotted on the
9:54 am
way to bible study. >> wow. that reporter, kathryn watson, says she has been flooded with e-mails after her story, and now virginia lawmakers are planning to file legislation restricting the use. law enforcement says the software has helped fight crime but civil libertarians have raised serious privacy issues. your twitter answers after the break. but first, memphis is known as the home of the king of rock and roll, but this weekend is welcoming a different kind of royalty. why the boys from britain are popping in and hopped the pond. [announcer] if your dog ca dream it,
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this weekend you may want to be on the lookout for a rare royal sighting. thursday night they were out for a bite to eat. the pair are reportedly in town
9:59 am
for a friend's wedding taking place today. california chrome is a favorite to win today's kentucky derby. the horse at churchill downs. the 77-year-old trainer, art sherman, is also looking to shine this year. if sherman wins the derby, he will be the oldest winning trainer in the race's history. we wish him all the best. >> i don't have high expectations of winning all the big races and stuff. i just like to win my share, have fun, and at this stage of my life, i said, gee, i have to wait 77 years to get this, so it's been a long time coming. once in a while, you get that -- >> prior to training horses, sherman was a jockey and a stable hand. he says winning a derby is a dream of a lifetime, and let's hope he does win indeed. we've been asking if you think a specials committee would be more effective in
10:00 am
investigating the benghazi attack than congress's attempts so far. and kathryn writes mickey mouse and donald duck would be more effective. and that's going to do it for me. i'm uma pemmaraju. hello, i'm kelly wright. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." i'm molly line. the white house is facing backlash after newly released benghazi e-mails. a congressional committee is poised to investigate a live report coming up. and new fallout from the v.a. medical center in phoenix. heads are rolling as some higher-ups are taking the fall. plus a former u.s. marine behind bars in mexico. why he's in jail, and what his mother is saying about his ordeal. but